Taken from The Proceedings of the 2nd ISPIM Innovation Symposium, New York City, USA, 6-9 December 2009 ISBN 978-952-214-863-6

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Success Factors for Innovative Internet Business Models - Venture Capital Insights


Nico Weiner, Thomas Renner, Neuhart Adrian, Kett Holger


Although crucial for their business and establishment in the market, many young and innovative internet companies face a decreased number of venture capital investments in 2009. To enter a market or expand in other markets, a company needs to be in a good financial condition. Especially in times of the economic downturn, the long-term potential of a business is decisive for investors. The question about suitable business models and their success factors arises and how they relate to a venture capitalist's decision. Based on international statistics and a German Venture Capitalist survey, we show the currently most attractive topics for investments and outline future trends. Furthermore this work illustrates business model centric success factors from a venture capitalist's point of view. Based on the empirical data obtained from the survey we derive a framework of business model related success factors supporting companies in order to get a venture capital funding.